Tashi Wangchuk, an innocent Tibetan shopkeeper and language advocate, has been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment by Chinese authorities on politically motivated charges of ‘inciting separatism’.

His Crime? Publicly seeking his right to Tibetan language education. 

Tashi has already spent over two years in Chinese detention despite the fact that he has committed no crime under both international law and that of the Chinese constitution. He is now not due to be released until January 2021.

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How China Used a Times Documentary as Evidence Against Its Subject, Jonah Kessel, New York Times, 10 January 2018
Sham trial exposes absurd charge against Tibetan activist, Amnesty International, 4 January 2018
Tibetan Businessman Battles Separatism Charges in Chinese Court, New York Times, 4 January 2018 

International Tibet Network
International Tibet Network5 days ago
An @LFC supporter has let us know that the Tibet Water logo wasn’t featured in @LiverpoolFC programme this week! We don’t know what this means but we hope it’s a sign that the club has realised how the sponsorship was tantamount to endorsing the serious, systematic abuses of the #Tibetan people by #China and that they’ve dropped #TibetWater from their list of sponsors.

Please join us to ask @LFC what it means.

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#reds4tibet #DropTibetWater
International Tibet Network
International Tibet Network2 weeks ago
台灣時間晚上七點,#尼瑪拉姆 即將接受民視台灣學堂的專訪。
#NyimaLhamo’s interview on #FTVTaiwan.

International Tibet Network
民視台灣學堂想像台灣主題 [親身見證的西藏苦難 專訪海外流亡藏人尼瑪拉姆] 直播專訪尼瑪拉姆 🍍直播時間:08月02日(四) 19:00 🍍鳳梨直擊台:https://bit.ly/2wrfjeu - │主持人: #楊宗澧(民視台灣學堂執行長) #江佩津(媒體工作者) │來賓: #尼瑪拉姆(丹增德勒仁波切姪女)
13 hours ago
Aujourd'hui, le 8 mai 2018, c'est le 33ème anniversaire du #TashiWangchuk C'est aussi son troisième anniversaire dans la prison chinoise. Tashi Wangchuk, un défenseur des droits linguistiques, a été arrêté le 27 janvier 2016 après être apparu dans une vidéo du @nytimes
#FreeTashi https://t.co/Pz2awtiofz
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Learn Tibetan

Tashi Wangchuk has been given a five year prison sentence for simply asking to be taught in the Tibetan language. Show Solidarity for #FreeTashi – Learn these Tibetan phrases:

Tashi is Innocent


Tra shi la nak nyé mé

Free him now


Khong trel du lö dröl tong gö

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